Marabil Australian Shepherds
WELCOME to Marabil Australian Shepherds!  Having become involved with the breed in early 2001 with
the arrival of my first Aussie, Riot, I have made many friends and have fallen even deeper in love with this
wonderful breed along the way!  I have been “owned” by some great dogs in the past, but the Aussies
have truly taken over my heart and are there to stay!

Since I really believe in preserving the natural versatility of the Australian Shepherd, the dogs are involved
in conformation, agility, obedience and herding. We are active members of ASCA and USASA, as well as
regional clubs for both ASCA and AKC. Although the dogs are involved in a variety of venues, they remain
first and foremost, beloved family members who share my life everyday.  

I take my dedication to this great breed seriously and feel it's very important to take the time to help
educate prospective Aussie owners whenever I can.   Also, I am a firm believer that all non-breeding dogs
should be spayed or neutered at a healthy age and as such, all companion puppies are placed with strict
spay/neuter contracts.  Please remember, an Aussie is not for everyone.  Owning an Aussie is a 12-14
year commitment (if you're's even longer), so please do your research
before buying a puppy and
ASK QUESTIONS...That's what we're here for!
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Last Update-09/08/15
Fall 2015 Litters Planned!!
Reservations already started!